For the rainy season Coolme electric car has a coup
How to according to the characteristics of electric vehicles, especially in the summer rainy day really care for your electric car, today "Coolme" to support you.
1, the rainy season should be done before driving the first inspection, the main inspection wipers, fog lights and other functions are normal
2, usually rain as far as possible not more than 30km / h; in case of heavy rain, try not to travel, such as driving, the speed should not exceed 15km / h
3, when the rainy season when the vehicle fails to travel, should be waiting to stop waiting for the rescue, is strictly prohibited self-maintenance
4, in the muddy road driving, do not step on the acceleration or brake pedal, so as to avoid side slip
5, do not enter into the deep water, in order to avoid leakage short circuit accident
6, when the vehicle is soaked in water, do not consider to continue driving, should quickly power and leave the car, try not to contact with the body metal, so as to avoid electric shock
7, to avoid high temperature charging. Due to the power battery temperature characteristics, the vehicle after high speed, the summer recommended to park for 30 minutes, in a cool and ventilated place to charge
8, when the storm thunder, try not to charge, the vehicle in the open air or low ground charge, after the termination of the charge after the rain, so that the height of the water over the charge port short circuit.



"Coolme" has something to say:
     Above that a few notes, have electric cars you have not remember it?

   If you have electric car problems can also call the Coolme national unified sales hotline 0635-2418848

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