State Council: Accelerating the promotion of new energy vehi
The General Office of the State Council recently issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), deploying to further accelerate the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, alleviating energy and environmental pressures, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry.
The "Opinions" clarify that pure electric drive should be the main strategic orientation for the development of new energy vehicles, focusing on the development of pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, with market-led and government support to establish a long-term stable new The energy vehicle development policy system creates a good development environment, accelerates the cultivation of the market, and promotes the healthy development of the new energy automobile industry. We must adhere to the drive of innovation, the combination of production, education and research; adhere to the government guidance, market competition; adhere to a two-pronged approach, driven by public services; adhere to local conditions, clear the main body of responsibility, and ensure the completion of various objectives and tasks.
The "Opinions" proposes 25 specific policy measures in six aspects to speed up the promotion and application of new energy vehicles. First, speed up the construction of charging facilities, formulate and implement the development plan for charging facilities, incorporate the construction of charging facilities into the overall urban planning, improve the technical standards and construction standards for charging facilities, improve the land use policy and electricity price policy for charging facilities, and promote key technologies for charging facilities. Encourage public places to speed up the construction of charging facilities for internal parking lots, and local governments have increased support for the construction of charging facilities.
Second, actively guide enterprises to innovate business models, accelerate the construction of after-sales service system, support social capital to enter the construction and operation of new energy vehicle charging facilities, actively encourage new energy vehicle financing leases, and play an active role in information technology.
The third is to promote the public service sector to promote the application, expand the scale of new energy vehicle applications in the public service sector, and promote the use of new energy vehicles by party and government organs and public institutions, enterprises and institutions.
Fourth, further improve the policy system, pay close attention to research and determine the financial support policies for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in 2016-2020, reform and improve the urban bus oil product price subsidy policy, accelerate the pace of new energy vehicles to replace fuel buses, and give new energy vehicles Vehicle purchase tax, vehicle and vessel tax, consumption tax and tax incentives, multi-channel funds to support the development of new energy vehicles, improve the new energy vehicle financial service system, formulate new energy vehicle enterprise access policy, establish an enterprise average fuel consumption management system, implement differences New energy vehicle traffic management policy.
The fifth is to break local protection. All regions must implement national unified national standards and industry standards for new energy vehicles and charging facilities, implement a nationwide unified new energy vehicle promotion catalogue, and further strengthen the supervision of new energy vehicle market.
The sixth is to strengthen technological innovation and product quality supervision, focus on breaking through common key technologies, organize and implement industrial technology innovation projects, and accelerate the establishment of new energy automobile industry technology innovation system.
The "Opinions" require further strengthening of organizational leadership and overall coordination. Local governments should formulate detailed support policies and supporting measures to clarify work requirements and time schedules; the inter-ministerial joint meeting of energy conservation and new energy automobile industry development and its offices should coordinate and solve major problems in the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in a timely manner; Strengthen synergy and improve work efficiency. It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance and public opinion supervision, improve the awareness and acceptance of new energy vehicles in the whole society, and expose the behaviors that harm consumers' interests and falsification, and form an atmosphere conducive to the consumption of new energy vehicles.
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