Analyze the problems to be solved in the development of elec
In recent years, China's automobile manufacturing technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. With the slow development of automobiles, our electric vehicles are gradually advancing. From the market point of view, the development of our electric vehicles is still very rapid, but electric vehicles in the market. The amount of possession is still very small, maybe our technology is not enough, and our relevant system standards are still not perfect. Now our auto manufacturers are also launching new electric vehicles to seize the market. Let's take a look at the problems that our electric vehicles need to solve.
First, it is necessary to establish and improve the innovation chain and industrial chain of electric vehicle technology, and realize the deep integration of technological innovation and industrial advancement;
The second is to establish an open sharing mechanism for scientific and technological resources and increase the ability of scientific and technological resources to openly share and serve;
The third is to continue to promote the comprehensive application demonstration of new energy vehicles, innovate new business models, and accelerate the planning and construction of infrastructure;
Fourth, we must continue to strengthen international cooperation in the field of new energy vehicles and improve the international level of technological innovation.
In terms of industrialization, the status of new energy strategic emerging industries was determined; the scale and application level of electric vehicles in the public transportation sector were world-leading; the regional industrial layout and industrial cluster effects were initially formed, and the division of labor was reasonable and the interests were balanced. The value chain of the electric vehicle industry, which is closely integrated with technology and finance.
There is still a long way to go before we can develop the electric vehicle industry. I believe that our electric vehicle industry cannot rely on the national policy to open the market, but we must independently innovate and develop newer electric vehicles. There is a complete charging system, because many people refuse to buy electric cars because it is not convenient to charge. If we can build a series of charging stations like a gas station, and realize a fast charging mode, then our electric car The market will be very hot.
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