What should I pay attention to when charging an electric fou
Charging electric four-wheelers is an indispensable part of the process of using electric four-wheelers. It is the main source of power for vehicles. Therefore, the charging process cannot be ignored. However, there are many things to be aware of when charging an electric four-wheeled vehicle. If it is not properly charged, it will easily damage the battery and shorten the service life of the battery, thus bringing certain obstacles to the normal use of the electric four-wheeled vehicle. Let's take a look at what needs to be paid attention to when charging an electric four-wheeled vehicle?
1. New arrival electric vehicles, because of the long time after leaving the factory, shipping, etc., may make the electric vehicle battery power shortage, please fully charge before use.
2. First connect the output plug of the charging appliance to the charging jack of the battery, and then connect the plug of the charger to 220V AC power.
3. The power and charging indicator on the charger is lit red, indicating that the power is on.
4. After the power is over, unplug the AC power supply and unplug the battery.
5. It is forbidden to connect the charger to the AC power supply for a long time without charging.
6. When the electric four-wheeled vehicle is not used for a long time, be sure to store the battery after it is full.
It can be said that electric four-wheeled vehicle charging is very knowledgeable. Appropriate charging can not only provide enough power for electric four-wheeled vehicles, but also effectively extend the service life of the battery and save the cost of vehicle use.
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