How to maintain the parts of electric four-wheelers
When using an electric car, maintenance work is indispensable. Although electric cars do not need to be replaced with engine oil and add coolant, such as ordinary cars, when using a leisure four-seat electric car, we still have to Pay attention to the maintenance of its various components, especially large components such as batteries and motors. Because the two components are the core components of our electric vehicles, which directly affect our use, we must pay attention to the maintenance of these components.
Electric vehicles such as electric four-wheelers are also used for maintenance. Maintaining good lubrication of all parts of electric vehicles not only reduces friction losses, but also improves transmission efficiency and reduces wear and tear on parts, while cooling, cleaning, rust prevention and Sealing effect. In order to make the components of electric vehicles well lubricated, the lubricating oil must be selected according to the regulations. The purpose of fastening is to ensure that the parts are connected reliably and sealed tightly to prevent loosening. A lot of work in the maintenance of electric vehicles is fastening. Bolted parts with torque requirements, special tools for electric vehicle applications, tightened to the specified torque. When disassembling, it should be loosened or tightened in the order of the specified order. Since electric vehicles use electric motors instead of engines for power and batteries as energy sources, their structures are different from those of internal combustion engines. Since the motor has the characteristics of direct starting with zero speed of the load, the electric vehicle can save the clutch and the gearbox under the condition of the performance of the motor, thereby greatly simplifying the driving system.
It seems that when we use electric vehicles, we also need to carry out careful maintenance, but compared with the traditional cars, the maintenance work of our electric cars is simpler and the maintenance cost is very low, so the advantage of using electric vehicles is said. It is still very obvious, but everyone is also best to go to the professional Shandong electric car manufacturers to maintain, so that the quality and effect of maintenance can be guaranteed. I hope that when using electric cars, don't try to save trouble, pay attention to these maintenance work. of.
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