Five important aspects of maintaining electric vehicles
The normal use of electric vehicles can't be separated from daily maintenance and maintenance. No matter which kind of electric vehicle is used, in order to achieve the desired effect, the following five major maintenance steps are indispensable:
Cleaning: No matter which kind of electric vehicle, cleaning is an indispensable part, and it is also an ideal way to maintain electric vehicles. Reasonable cleaning can prevent the corrosion of the parts of the car, reduce the wear of the parts and reduce the energy loss. . Therefore, it is necessary to do external care of electric vehicles and clean the exterior of each assembly and parts, especially the cleaning of the exterior and wiring of the battery.
Inspection: Regular inspection of electric vehicles, through inspection, can effectively determine the deformation and damage of parts.
Adjustment: Adjustment work is the key to ensuring the long-term normal operation of each assembly and component of electric vehicles. According to the technical requirements and actual use requirements, the assembly, adjustment of the clearance, stroke and work performance of the assembly and components are effectively debugged and adjusted.
Lubrication: Lubrication is mainly to reduce the friction of the parts, reduce the wear of the parts, maintain reasonable lubrication, not only reduce wear, but also ensure that the electric vehicle is more flexible.
Fastening: No matter which part is loose, it will cause some interference to the driving of the electric vehicle. Therefore, timely fastening can make the electric vehicle components connect reliably and ensure the smooth running of the electric vehicle. . Of course, the focus of the fastening is to connect the various parts of the machine that are subject to load and change frequently, as well as the connection bolts and battery connection bolts, and perform necessary fastening and replacement.
The above five links are the work that users should not neglect in the process of using and maintaining electric vehicles. It is also the basis for ensuring the safe and smooth operation of electric vehicles and prolonging the service life of electric vehicles.
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