Incredible ah, a small coolme a car out of the country
Incredible ah, a small coolme a car out of the country, you still calm to live?

Shandong Yiwei's Coolme electric car is in full swing production, the last month, most of the orders are produced for the export, orders one by one, Coolme electric car is now in short supply, although the order is very tight, but the company on Product quality requirements, as always, product quality is always the first one. Because the company so that the company's product quality and packaging and logistics are very strict requirements, customer demand products can be individually packaged, a group of goods approved a car, carrying the efforts of Coolme and approved to go abroad, loading scenes Very lively.

In other words, foreign electric cars are so interested in such recognition, indicating that the electric vehicle industry prospects, first seize the opportunity to walk in the forefront of the times, this sense of the past you do it? Do you still have to stay
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