Electric car after five is off-season? The NO!

Know the electric car all know, fifty-one is a demarcation point, after entering the off-season 51, but really is this? In Xiaobian seems not all, in Linqing has a Coolme electric sightseeing car, is now selling the restless, because this car is not a general rule to break the general electric car, it is used to share the cycle mode, the Sharing the concept of cycling with scenic sightseeing car, which is the first in the electric sightseeing car, not only embodies the harmony between man and nature, but also show the strength and courage of Coolme electric car, and now follow the footsteps of Xiao Bian to learn more about this Section "pull the wind" products it:


Dimensions (L x W x H)


Cab shell material

Environmentally friendly ABS and PP engineering plastics

Vehicle quality

310kg (including 6 45AH lead acid maintenance-free battery)


72V1000W 1200W permanent magnet brushless motor 2200W AC motor


12V45AH lead acid maintenance-free battery 6 or 45-80AH lithium battery pack

recharge mileage


Maximum speed

Less than 40KM / h

Number of members

3 people

Braking System

Front and rear hydraulic disc brake


135 / 70R-12 vacuum tire aluminum alloy steel ring


White / black Ferrari red / white grape purple / black grape purple / white and so on


National unified sales hotline: 0635--2418848, welcome friends to negotiate advice, can also visit the official website: www.kumiev.com to view.

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