Cool rice series to create a new - cool rice spirit
Following the hot market feedback of Coolmi Classic, our company adheres to the inherently fashionable, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing style. In response to the different needs of consumers for electric vehicles, we will promote this Cool Mi Elf model to make the Cool Rice series more Fully prepared.

Cool Mi elves still maintain a cool and stylish appearance, the main body of the car is thickened with the national standard grade steel pipe welding, strong and strong! The front wheel independent suspension system, four-wheel damping spring shock absorption, to ensure driving comfort, the body shell is made of high-quality wear-resistant acid-base corrosion thickened ABS engineering alloy plastic material! Adjustable front and rear luxury car seat four-wheel disc brake system.
High-brightness dynamic headlights, beautiful and practical!
The roof has a skylight to enhance the indoor permeability!
Lifting doors and windows, the seal is more rigorous!
Large rear view glass, wider view!
The interior space, 3 adults is just right, not crowded! One meter eight big man is no problem!
Cool Rice Elf: I am here, where are you!

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