Cool rice safety month activity summary
As of September 30, 2016, the one-month safety month event was completed under the meticulous organization of the company's security committee and the active cooperation of all employees.
     In accordance with the document of Cool Mi An [2016] No. 053, regarding the notification requirements for the “Safe Production Month” activity, follow the schedule of the activity schedule, successfully complete the safety month and environmental day activities, and hang the banner 2 groups and post the safety map. 12 copies, issued safety escape and fire drill pre-plans, organized the leadership of the company's management committee and relevant department heads to investigate the hidden dangers of electrical appliances, participated in the EHS knowledge contest held by the shareholder innovation company, organized 34 EHS knowledge answers, and collected 21 pieces of safety. Slogan, check 9 security risks and rectify. Although the safety month activity is over, the safety awareness of all employees cannot be ended. He is an act that only has no starting point and no end. Only by constantly fulfilling their respective safety responsibilities can they create a good development for the stable development of enterprises and individuals. condition.
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