The importance of the future development of electric vehicle
The advent of electric four-wheelers represents a great development in China's electric vehicle industry. Today, in order to better understand the development trend of electric four-wheelers, the following is a comprehensive understanding of the small series.
The electric four-wheeled vehicle develops rapidly. It mainly has the green and environmental protection performance of energy saving and power saving. The vehicle has a small shape and can travel through the streets. Coupled with the strong support of the government, it is also better to promote the development of electric four-wheelers. In fact, electric four-wheelers can be better developed, mainly from the following aspects.
1. The electric four-wheeled vehicle has a simple structure and convenient maintenance:
The electric four-wheeled vehicle has a simpler structure, operation, transmission parts and maintenance workload than the internal combustion engine. When an AC induction motor is used, the motor does not require maintenance, and more importantly, an electric four-wheeled vehicle that is easy to handle.
2, high energy efficiency, diversification
Research on electric four-wheelers shows that energy efficiency exceeds that of gasoline-powered cars. Especially when stopping and walking in the city, the speed of the car is not high, and the electric four-wheeler is more suitable. Unnecessary power consumption, when the electric four-wheeled vehicle stops, during the braking process, the motor can be automatically converted into a generator, and the braking energy is recovered during deceleration.
3, no pollution, low noise
The internal combustion engine car produced by the exhaust of electric four-wheeled vehicles does not produce exhaust pollution, and it is very useful to protect the environment and fresh air, which is almost “zero pollution”. Electric four-wheeled vehicles do not have the noise generated by the engine, and the motor noise is relatively small in the internal combustion engine.
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