Buy electric car precautions
1, "OEM" electric car posing as a famous brand
At present, many electric vehicles sold, especially electric tricycles, are “branded production”. On the surface, they are brand-name products, but they are not.
Some well-known brands of electric vehicles do not produce electric tricycles. Many "small workshops" will be branded with well-known brands, posing as famous brands, but the price is about 500 yuan lower than the big brands. Consumers still think that they are ignorant. Earn cheaper.
The electric vehicles assembled in the small workshop have no production license number, no product certification, no quality system certification, no logo, and some have no factory sites. The defects of raw materials and poor body welding make these cottage cars very safe. Hidden dangers.
Some dealers will enter some "white leather cars" without trademarks, and they will give them casually branded and pretend to be famous brands. Li Ming reminded the public that while choosing an electric car, it must be optimistic about the trademark of the car, whether it is baked or affixed.
2, buy electric car, battery is the key
In some areas, the production and sales of electric vehicles are very chaotic, the after-sales service is not satisfactory, the battery is mixed, and "OEM production" is everywhere. On the surface, looking at the calm electric car market, there are actually a lot of tricks in private.
Electric vehicle manufacturers are reluctant to produce batteries, just as manufacturers who produce cars do not produce gasoline. However, the big brands of electric car manufacturers will specify the battery brand, small manufacturers, "small workshops" will not, some dealers buy small cars from small manufacturers or "small workshops", and then buy batteries, but they buy batteries and There is no quality guarantee.
Like the big brand manufacturers designated Tianneng, Chaowei, Changsheng and other batteries, each piece price is about 1,000 yuan, and some dealers buy batteries from small manufacturers each about 600 yuan, this battery purchased from small manufacturers There is no guarantee of service at all. When consumers buy electric vehicles, dealers often install batteries in front of consumers. When dealers install batteries, consumers must see the battery model. Once there were four battery blocks in a battery. The phenomenon of different brands.
When consumers buy electric vehicles, they will give a one-year guarantee for battery dealers. When the dealer purchases the battery, the manufacturer is free of charge for the battery within 15 months, but 15 months from the date of shipment of the battery, the dealer generally has a three-month activity period. Consumers are enough to buy an electric car, although it is a one-year warranty, but the nature is very different. If the battery is broken in the first 8 months, you can exchange the original battery with the manufacturer. However, after more than 8 months, the battery replaced is a service battery, and the performance is very different from the original battery.
Taiqi electric vehicles remind consumers that most of the electric vehicles on the market are mainly lead-acid batteries. There is no pollution during use. If the damage will cause harmful substances, they should be handled by the dealer instead of private. deal with.
3, after-sales service can not be careless
At present, the after-sales service of each electric vehicle brand is unsatisfactory. There are even many brands of electric vehicles without uniform after-sales service. Most of them are responsible for sales, which leads to the lack of supervision after sale. It is not uncommon to deliberately delay the “three guarantees” period. The after-sales service of electric vehicle brands with low market share is often very poor, and the after-sales service of electric vehicles with high market share is relatively good. In order to sell more electric vehicles, some dealers often exaggerate the preferential policies for electric vehicles. Even consumers who ask for dealers will agree. Consumers should not believe the dealer’s verbal agreement when purchasing electric vehicles. Look at the warranty card.
When a consumer buys an electric car, the dealer will say a lifetime warranty, remembering that it is a warranty rather than a repair. For example, the consumer electric car horn is broken, go to the dealer to repair, the dealer is free to repair, but the horn needs to be exchanged for additional money.
When consumers buy electric vehicles, they tend to see that the frame is very thick, and they feel that the quality will be very good. This is not correct. When purchasing, the public must look at the thickness of the wall and the weight of the electric car. Some small manufacturers' frame materials will choose scrap steel purchased in the second-hand market. Such electric vehicles are cheap but not practical. The global electric vehicle network reminds consumers: When buying electric vehicles, don't just look at the price problem, but ignore the most important quality problems. The dealers who buy electric cars from small manufacturers often play price wars, but the quality is not guaranteed. .
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