Coolme Electric Vehicle is a subordinate brand of Yiwei Electric Vehicle Technology Service Center, producing electric cars, located in Liaocheng city, Shandong province. It is the first domestic team in researching and developing low-speed electric cars and electric mini trucks, covers an area of 300 mu, and now has eleven technical design personnel and senior technicians, and it has the ability to independently research and produce different types of vehicle models.

       In 2006, our team took the lead in launching low-speed electric cars, which caused the domestic sensation. In 2008, the center developed the first domestic electric mini passenger car in collaboration with a domestic famous university, and launched in and opened the market rapidly. In September 2009, the first domestic electric four-wheel minicar which uses permanent magnet brushless motor for the  first time launched in the market, after nearly three years of market testing, it has now become a standard configuration in electric minicar industry. Since entering the field of electric minicar, the center has developed technical tracking in electric minicar for ten years, and the accumulative continuous travel mileage of direct or indirect track is more than one million kilometers, therefore it has obtained the precious firsthand material. The center has formed a high efficient platform in researching and developing the electric minicar, with acute and deep insight towards the market, combing with the technology, skill and the best resources, and ten years of market practice has proved that the team personnel will be welcomed by peers and market no matter where they go, and will continue to lead the development of the electric minicar field. The products of our center have accumulated rich experience both in appearance and in scheme of electric control technology, and our shape and configuration are imitated by a great number of peer companies, and we have become a veritable electric minicar industry leader.

       In 2016, the company concentrated on researching Coolme vehicle models which gained great popularity in the industry as soon as they were put into the market. The small and clever vehicle model enables it to shuttle freely back and forth among the streets; and its fashionable design toppled the car design concept of gradual motorization for many years. Currently we have the absolute price advantage in similar products in the domestic market, we sincerely welcome the vast customers to visit our company! 

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