Liaocheng Coolmi Electric Vehicle is a sub-brand of Shandong Yiwei Electric Vehicle Technical Service Center. It is the earliest team in China to develop and produce low-speed electric micro-cars and electric micro-cards. There are 11 existing technical designers and senior technicians. Model; covers an area of ​​300 acres.
     In 2006, the country launched the first low-speed electric car, causing domestic shocks. In 2008, the center cooperated with well-known domestic universities to develop the first electric mini passenger car in China, which quickly launched and opened the market. In September 2009, the first electric four-wheeled micro-car with permanent magnet brushless motor was listed in China. After nearly three years of market inspection, it has become the standard configuration of electric micro-car industry. Since entering the field of electric micro-cars, the center has carried out a 10-year technical tracking of electric micro-cars, and has accumulated more than one million kilometers of direct and indirect tracking, and has obtained valuable first-hand information. The center has formed an efficient research and development platform for electric micro-cars. With a keen and deep insight into the market, it combines the best combination of technology, skills and information. Ten years of market practice proves that team talents will be peers and wherever they go. The market welcomes and will continue to lead the development of the field of electric micro-cars. The products involved in the center have accumulated rich experience in appearance and electronic control technology solutions, and the shape and configuration have been copied by many peer companies, becoming a veritable leader in the electric micro-car industry.
     In 2016, the company devoted itself to the development of the Cool Mi model. It was highly sought after by the industry. The model was small and flexible, and it was free to travel through the streets. The fashion pulls the wind and subverts the gradual auto design concept of electric vehicles for many years. At present, we have absolute price advantage in similar products in the domestic market. We sincerely welcome customers to visit our company for inspection and guidance!

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